Bangles, Bangles, Bangles
( & other Arm Candy )

I've always loved bangles - from wearing a simple pure single bangle to an armful of tinkling silver. They are perfect to give and wonderful to collect - building your own very personal collection.

I design and make all of my jewellery, each piece is made by hand using traditional silversmithing and wire working methods. Handmade from beginning to end. Bangles can be made in 5 different sizes making sure of a perfect fit.

Gift Wrapping - All of my jewellery arrives in a muslin bag or aluminium tin perfect for giving or to keep.
Postage UK & Europe £3 per order or FREE for orders over £25, Outside Europe £5

New Handmade Bangle Designs
Handmade silver riveted bangle
Sterling Silver Bangles - Handmade with care & passion
Handmade hammered silver bangle
Handmade Silver 2mm
Bangle - Hammered £19
Handmade Silver 2mm
Bangle - Plain £19
Living Laughing
Loving Bangle - £25
handmade silver bangles artisan
Beaten & Stamped !
Sterling Silvery Bangle
Stamped for You - £25
Count Your Blessings
Bangle - Round or Oval Bessing rings - £33
Riveted heart bangle
Handmade heart bangle
Waiting For Spring
Silver Bangle - £30
Moving Heart
Silver Bangle - £37
NEW - Handle With Care
Luggage Tag Bangle - £33
Scottie Dog Bangle
3 Textures - Daisy, Wild
Garden or Hammered - £30
Westie Dog Bangle
3 Textures - Daisy, Wild
Garden or, Hammered - £30
Birdy Bangle
2 Designs - Daisy or Wild
Garden - £30
Flower Heart
Bangle - 2 Designs Daisy
or Wild Garden - £30
Bronze heart bangle handmade love
Now in Silver
Riveted Moving Charm
Bangle Wild Garden - £33
Tempus Fugit 2
Bangle with Etched
Charm - £35
Tempus Fugit Bangle
Riveted Etched Charm
  Etched Memories
Handmade silver bangles
etched with your
handwriting or drawings
Handmade Copper & Bronze Bangles
Handmade copper bangles
Bronze Amour Bangle#
Bronze heart bangle handmade love
Handmade Bronze
Bangle - £6
Handmade copper bangle waiting for spring

Waiting for Spring Bangle
£10 each

Tiny Heart
Riveted Silver & Copper
Bangle - £13

rivetted bronze bangle handmade
Riveted Bronze
or Copper Bangle - £9
Hammered Flat ! Riveted Copper Bangle - £9
Also in Silver-£22
Beautiful Handmade Bracelets
Handforged sterling silver heart bracelet
Handmade silver charm bracelet