Little Blessings
Tiny Stamped Handmade Silver Rings

These charms are so sweet ! - They start off life as silver wire, are soldered into rings, flattened then given a hammered edge - each ring will be stamped by hand with tiny letters on both sides. You might choose the names of your family or inspirational words, dates or something that is special to you. The inside of each ring is about 7mm so should fit on most Pandora type bracelets

Approx 11mm ourside diameter - £3 Each

Please remember to let me know in the PayPal notes or by email what you would like stamped on your rings.

The price includes the SAME WORD of up to 8 letters on each side, if you would like a DIFFERENT word on each side please use the link here to order (adds 50p per ring)


Postage UK & Europe £3 per order or FREE for orders over £25, Outside Europe £5

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