handmade gemstone flower pin

flower brooch

handmade silver flower blossom brooch


Photos showing smaller pin below

sterling silver flower pin

handmade silver gemstone pin brooch


Larger Gemstone Flower Pin/Brooch
Handmade in Sterling Silver

Super cute little silver flower with stamped detail and tube set 4mm gemstone.

Perfect as a lapel pin, works like a tie tack and can be worn on your coat or jacket or knits.

You can see your choice of stones in the fourth photo - (flower- citrine then from left to right - peridot, amethyst, garnet, iolite, cz - In the top photo both lower are set with Iolites)

The fifth photo shows the pin back and catch on a smaller flower.

I cut this from sterling silver sheet, sand it smooth, give it detail with stamping and tube set the gem of your choice.

The photos also show the smaller pin - please click here

Approx 19mm across
Arrives in a sweet stamped aluminium tin - perfect for giving or keeping safe


Postage UK & Europe £3 per order or FREE for orders over £25, Outside Europe £5

- handgefertigte Ohrhänger aus Sterlingsilber mit Halbedelsteinen