Handmade Ear Wires

I design and make over 50 styles of sterling silver handmade ear wires, they are all made wih 0.8mm wire, the ends rubbed down to be totally smooth and tumbled for shine and strength. I started making my own ear wires because I felt the mass produced ones were letting my earring designs down. These ear wires will make your jewellery even more unique without overshadowing your designs.

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NEW Handmade Sterling Silver Ear Wire Designs - Most designs now available in Gold Fill - Please email for prices
Swans - We're famous for them ! - Just slip on your dangle and change whenever you want
Handmade sterling silver earwires
Handmade sterling silver earwires handmade findings
Handmade Sterling Silver Earwires Fat Swans Elegant
Handmade earwires sterling silver long and elegant
Handmade Baby Swans Silver Ear Wires
Long and Elegant handmade earwires sterling silver
Giant Swans Handmade Ear Wires - £2.40
Interchangeable Ear Wires (Some of our other ear wires are also interchangeable)
handmade stud earwires
handmade silver earwires
Curly handmade ear wires silver
Handmade S Shaped Ear Wires
Leaf Shape & Curved (Balled ear wires are also interchangeable)
Slim Curve Handmade Silver Earwires
Handmade Ear Wires Silver Balanced Curve Long
Handmade sterling silver earwires ear wires ear findings
Handmade Silver Earwires Balanced Curve Medium
Leaf shaped handmade silver earwire
Handmade sterling silver earwires Simple Curve
handmade sterling silver earwires - simple curve reversed - ear findings
Minis - Hand made sterling silver earwires
Handmade artisan silver ear wires
Twisted Wire
Balanced Curves - £2.60
(Optional hammered front) Not available

Now Available in Gold Fill ! From £3.80
Most designs Now Available in GF

Hooks of all shapes & sizes
tiny handmade ear wires
Handmade Sterling Silver Ear Wires Large
Handmade sterling silver earwires with semi-precious stones
Handmade sterling silver earwires with Swarovski
Curvies - Handmade
Ear Wires- £2.20
Handmade Sterling Silver Earwires
Handmade long silver earwires

Larger Handmade
Earwires - £2.10

Handmade earwires - get me a hammer !
Studs - But Different ! Long & Short
Small silver handmade heart studs
handmade stud earwires
handmade stud post findings silver
simply stylish handmade silver ear wires
Hoops & Locking        
Handmade silver hoops
Handmade silver earwires ear wires
Handmade spear shaped looped ear wires silver
Medium Hammered
Hippy Hoops - £2.50
handmade silver ear wires
handmade silver ear wires
Hand forged silver ear wires earwires round
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