Earring Therapy Club

What could be more theraputic than receiving a gorgeous pair of handmade earrings through the post each month ?

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Wecome to our Earring Therapy Club - 3 month subscription
A Fabulous gift - or perfect treat for yourself

3 Month subscription - £45 (including postage*)- A gorgeous pair of handmade sterling silver earrings worth between £18 and £25 will arrive gift wrapped in a cute aluminium La Vidalerie tin each month for 3 months.

The designs will be new and not available on our website until two weeks later. You can choose Studs only, Dangly only or let me decide - each pair is designed and made at La Vidalerie. You can see past earrings further down the screen.

If you are buying this as a present the lucky recipient will receive a voucher in the post (or by email - so great for last minute presents).


£45 - 3 Months Subscription*
Type of Earrings

*Customers outside Europe - Please add £5 to cover additional postage costs - Please click here

Past Earring Therapy Club Tins

earring therapy club august 2018

August - Before the Fall

Celebrating the summer before the leaves start to fall.

Textured with real leaves then soldered onto curved textured arcs and dangly so lots of movement.

If you missed these earrings you can order a pair by email - Price £26

July - Aztec Nights

Aztec suns shine out through a dark night, rolled design with an interesting swirl soldered onto the backs as part of the ear wires. I chose to oxidize these earrings to bring out the detail and polished back the silver and burnished the suns rays by hand to add shine.

I made a couple of versions of this month's earrings and once they were packaged left it to chance which ones everyone would receive.

If you missed these earrings you can order a pair by email - Price £24

June - B etween the Lines (with a touch of Art Deco)
Parallel hammered lines of silver cross a plain simple circle. Hanging from handmade balled ear wires they swing as you walk.

If you missed these earrings you can order a pair by email - Price £27

May - Crossing the Streams
Streams of silver cross and curve whilst silver balls catch the light. Hanging from handmade balled ear wires they dangle and dance.

I made these earrings from a new type of sterling silver - Argentium. It has a number of properties including being more tarnish resistant.

If you missed these earrings you can order a pair by email - £27

April - Cosmic Sparkles
Chunky rectangles of silver stamped with circles and set with a tiny sparkly CZ hang from slim rectangular long ear wires.

If you missed these earrings you can still order a pair by email - £29

March - Echo
Super light half spheres of silver, silver on the outside and oxidized dark within, echoing each other whilst the spheres turn listening for echos. More photos here.

If you missed these earrings you can still order a pair here - £25

February - Japanese Sun
I don't find naming jewellery easy but these shouted out to me Japanese and the gold made me think of the sun. I made these earrings using the Keum Boo technique - fusing pure gold onto sterling silver. After fusing the gold onto the silver I added more texture just on the gold then kept the silver matt and burnished the gold by hand. They hang from handmade square ear wires.

If you missed these earrings you can still order a pair by emailing me - £27

April - Circles within Circles
I don't want to give away any more than this as I am in the process of making April's earrings and don't want to spoil the surprise !
Photo coming soon !

March - Long Stones (and our first pair of ear jackets)

This month's design is very simple, based on the organic shapes of pebbles and stones, each disc is hammered to give each pebble

it's own unique shape and to add texture. You can wear the studs on their own (I've included earring backs) or as long earrings using the silver butterfly back with the dangle swinging freely from behind your ear.

February - Night & Day - Contemporary and will go with everything.
The design started off very simple, with a combination of textures (smooth and hammered) and finishes (shiny, sanded and oxidized (dark)) The problem was then finding a way of making them so that the oxidization didn't affect the rest of the earrings. This was achieved by riveting the oxidized discs to the spine of the earrings.

If you missed these earrings you can still order a pair by clicking here
Silver Earrings - £25, Silver & Gold version - £29

January 2017 - Long & Spiky !
So shiny they were difficult to photograph. The earrings are bright silver.

Domed silver discs with stud backs with articulated, long hammered spikes dangling below. The spike was hammered on two sides making it wide at the top going to a point at the bottom which when viewed from the side appears wide at the bottom and a spike at the top.

Simple, statement earrings.

If you missed these earrings and would like to order a pair please email me.

Price £27 including postage.


December 2016 - Not Just For Christmas
I wanted to make Christmas earrings without the flashing lights, fun but elegant and wearable all year round.

Sheets of silver rolled with a spiral design, cut and rounded to make a Christmas tree shape, I added a removeable star for the top of the tree. The removeable ear wires mean that you can wear the long triangles either way up - so Christmas tree earrings that can be worn all year round ! (Oxidized to bring out the detail)
If you missed these earrings and want to order a pair please email me - Price £25

  November - Soft Focus
Unfortunately in the rush to get these earrings out to everyone I missed taking any photos

October - Leaves & Links - A long design and 3 dimentional studs

The dangly earrings are long with lots of movement whilst being lovely and light and crying to be taken out somewhere nice ! The studs are sophisticated, layered and something special.

Both earrings started off as sheet silver textured with real leaf skeletons then cut into ovals, each cut from the previous.

The long earrings were strung together with silver jump rings and hung from a stud fitting making the earrings elegant, simple, light and with lots of movement.

To make the studs I soldered together the ovals in a way that made the earrings 3 dimentional. They are easy to wear with everything - dress up or down.

If you missed this month you can order a pair made especially for you by email me - the price is:-

Long earrings £27 per pair, Studs £32
Price includes postage

September - Etched, Long and Not At All Square !
Design eched into silver sheet, cut and soldered onto long rectangular ear wires, the design flows from one earring to the other and each pair is unique - Now available for sale to non members - £27 including postage and gift tin - please email me to order.
earring therapy club handmade silver earrings August - Crescent to Full
Simple, long, articulated earrings representing the moon, long crescent shaped wires with hammered domed discs for the full moon (hidden tiny loops make the moons swing). Wear with everything these earrings are now available to buy - £25 - Please email me to order.

July - Just a Little......Long, Contemporary with a Little Bit of Sparkle or a sweet shorter version for studs
Textured ovals of silver with tiny 2mm sparkly CZs. The dangly version has long contemporary ear wires soldered to interlinking textured ovals, the studs - small and sweet ovals sit on your ears, wear with everything- both with a little added sparkle.

You can now buy these earrings - Long version £29, Studs £20 - Please email me to order

June - Keum Boo and a Lucky Dip !
June's earrings were even more special - 3 designs incorporating keum boo (23ct gold fused onto sterling silver - The earrings were packaged up and I let the gods of chance decide who got which design - These earrings are now available to buy - click on the photo to see more detailed images of these earrings.

Now available to buy £25 per pair
May's earrings have been posted but I don't want to spoil the surprise for all the Earring Therapy members but pop back later to see what was in May's tin.
Join now to receive May's earrings as your first tin !

April - Dangly Earrigns
New Leaf
Leaf shapes cut from silver sheet and imprinted with real leaf skeletons hang from soldered rings on handmade silver ear wires.

Now available to buy £23 - click here

April - Studs
Triangles of silver, lovely soft texture blending down to smooth and imprinted with flowing lines - put them together and the lines continue from one earring to the other.

Now available to buy £20 - click here

April Showers.
Long strands of silver melted to look like rain.

Now available to buy £21 - click here

Slightly Aztec - Long and just a little Aztec.
Hand stampted semi circles of silver are riveted to textured bars and hang from handmade ear wires.

Now available to buy £22 - click here

So Long ! Beautifully simple long earrings, textured and hanging from square, straight ear wires

Now available to buy £19 - click here

Earring Therapy Club Voucher

Here's an example Earring Therapy Club Voucher - If your subscription is a gift just let me know what you would like yours to say.

REMEMBER to let me know in the PayPal notes or by email:-
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