Handmade sterling silver studs


Cosmic - Oxidized
oxidized handmade silver studs cosmic

Bubbles - Oxidized
oxidized silver studs handmade simple

simple flower studs handmade silver







Cosmic, Bubbles & Flower Studs
Handmade sterling silver studs in 3 designs with a choice of finish

Super small everyday studs, dress them up or down they'll look great.

These studs start of as sheet sterling silver, I cut the discs then add the texture, dome them (this makes them catch the light in interesting ways) then solder the silver post on the back and sand them smooth.

You can choose from 3 textures - Cosmic, Bubbles or Flowers and two finishes - Bright (you can see this finish on Cosmic and Flower) or Oxidized (shown on the Bubbles studs) - the oxidized finish highlights the detail in black and has a more matt look.

These studs will arrive in a cute aluminium tin to protect them and are perfect for giving or keeping.

Approx 9mm across

£14 per pair


Postage UK & Europe £3 per order or FREE for orders over £25, Outside Europe £5