.Hand beaten copper bowl riveted hearts

handmade trinket disk copper hearts




Silver Heats Copper Dish
handmade in Copper

This wonderfully rustic handmade dish started life as a sheet of copper, I sawed the round shape (very freehand so roundish) then hammered it into a gentle bowl shape.

I then cut the tiny sterling silver hearts by hand and riveted them with silver rivets onto the bowl.

The bowl had to be annealed many times to make sure the copper stretched rather than folded into the bowl shape I then cleaned the bowl with a weak acid and polished it to a bright shine.

Perfect gift for holding rings and jewellery - Each disk will be unique due to the handmade nature and tecniques used to make it.

Approximate size (excluding the ring and thong) - 10cm x 6.5cm

I can personalise this dish with your stamped message for an additional £5 (it's hard to stamp a curved shape)

You will be buying the dish in the photo - once this dish is sold I will make more to order

Price - £23

Postage UK & Europe £3 per order or FREE for orders over £25, Outside Europe £5

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