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Jewellery Making Workshop Holidays in France

Just some of the dinner menus we have provided for our guests (12 Euros per person inc wine)
We are very happy to cater for vegetarians (please let us know when you book)
and we always ask if there are things you prefer not to eat or drink

Main Courses (with vegetables, frites, rice or pasta)
Tims French Specialty - Salmon in Mushroom & Masala Sauce with Frites and Vegetables (also available with chicken or just mushrooms)
Panga (very nice white fish) in Mustard and Cream Sauce
Saucisse Aligot (local dish - very good sausages with a special rich mashed potato
Thai Fish Green Curry (also available with chicken or vegetable)
Chou Farcis -Stuffed Cabbage - another local dish and very popular
Mild Indian Vegetable Curry

Selection of Cheese

Sweets - Generally with Cream / Ice Cream (or both !)
Pot au Chocolat
Poire Amande Tart (pear & almond)
Chocolate Mouse Cake
Lemon Meringues Tart
Apple Tart



Please Email me or Phone 0033 6 30 74 20 35 if you have any questions
or would like to have a chat about the workshops.